17 October 2019


The future of tenant fitness centers and fitness center management is now upon us, and owners and developers are constantly seeking ways to determine what amenities and services need to be featured, what are the real points of differentiation that will attract tenants and give them an advantage in a very crowded and competitive market. There has been a huge increase in the number of new and redeveloped tenant fitness centers in Class A office buildings.  Developers are looking to create an edge over other buildings to compete with a new generation of savvy sophisticated tenants. They consistently seek feedback from current and future tenants to retain and attract top talent.

At 新2皇冠足球下载完整版 Fitness, we pay close attention to tenant fitness center trends.  These are the following trends that we have noticed:

  • Larger and more modern health clubs with additional amenities
  • Allocation of prime real estate within the building
  • Addition of natural light with large floor to ceiling windows
  • Integration of next generation fitness equipment with functional training systems.
  • Implementation and activation of multiple training zones within the design.
  • Integration of digital and virtual fitness as a way to enhance overall offerings.
  • However, the real differentiator is in the service offerings to truly capture these trends.

Corporate Wellness

There has been a substantial shift in corporate fitness with the integration of holistic wellness.  Tenant fitness centers are now being developed as wellness centers and the idea of having treatment rooms incorporated into corporate facilities are now integrated into new designs and redeveloped facilities.  There are now areas dedicated for wellness workshops, fitness consultations and quiet spaces.  As an operator of tenant fitness centers, 新2皇冠足球下载完整版 Fitness seeks to activate these areas to create meaningful wellness experiences.

Personal Training

The evolution in personal training has been incredible with the rise of highly educated trainers with degrees in exercise science, kinesiology and other related fields, certified by some of the top certification bodies in the world that seek to drive real results.  Many of these fitness professionals are drawn to the corporate fitness industry and seek to make a difference in corporate America.  What makes personal training so successful is the focus on fitness assessments, movement screens, program design, and the ability to carefully listen to a client’s goals and learn about their health history.  Personal training is no longer just a subset or an on demand offering but a core component to a successful corporate gym.

Management and Operations

As tenant fitness centers have become a vital amenity of many buildings and less of a self-managed fitness center taking up space in a basement, the operations of the club have become increasingly important. Staffing the facility with managers, personal trainers, group fitness instructors and wellness practitioners is key to these operations, but implementing a system that supports them is crucial to innovate, drive engagement and increase club membership.  Supporting these team members is the key to success and includes a comprehensive array of technology, marketing, and back end fitness and wellness experts sharing experiences from other sites.

In-Tenant Wellness Solutions

Driving wellness initiatives directly to the tenants in the building has many benefits to the overall operations of the club.  One of the biggest benefits is creating additional exposure for the club by utilizing it as a wellness platform.  新2皇冠足球下载完整版’s role as an operator is to educate and engage as many tenants in the building and not just relying on active users to participate.

Today’s tenant health clubs are being operated vastly different then they were in years past as the stakes are higher, since clubs are typically larger, offer more premium services, demand more attention and the new generation of tenants are seeking a more individualized wellness offering.  It truly takes a sophisticated operation to orchestrate all these moving pieces.



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