31 December 2020


新2皇冠足球下载完整版 Fitness navigated the challenges of 2020 to strengthen their position in the fitness center management industry.  新2皇冠足球下载完整版 came together as an organization to develop a robust virtual wellness platform to offer a robust array of wellness solutions as well as fitness services.  These include live streaming fitness classes, workshops, culinary demonstrations, challenges, workshops and family activities.  With it’s strong background in corporate wellness, 新2皇冠足球下载完整版 provided an integrated onsite wellness experience for their members that targeted all areas of wellness.  The broad based appeal of these wellness solutions will carry forward into 2021.

With an extremely large pipeline of new developments in 2021, 新2皇冠足球下载完整版 Fitness is looking forward to an incredible year.  We are grateful to our incredible customers, members, employees and vendors for all their support and passion during this year.

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