09 August 2021


新2皇冠足球下载完整版 Fitness is extremely proud to welcome Wendy’s HQ and their beautiful corporate fitness center in Dublin, OH.  新2皇冠足球下载完整版 Fitness was selected as the fitness center operator and will be providing an integrated mix of onsite fitness solutions like personal training, group fitness, small group training, fitness workshops as well as mindfulness solutions.

新2皇冠足球下载完整版 Fitness believes in a well rounded approach to wellness.  新2皇冠足球下载完整版 will also be activating the entire campus with fitness and wellness solutions.

The operation will be supported by 新2皇冠足球下载完整版’s internal corporate team, graphic designers, program directors and back office support.

新2皇冠足球下载完整版 Fitness also custom created a branded fitness app as well as a gym website for employees of Wendy’s to sign up.

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