22 June 2014


新2皇冠足球下载完整版 Fitness enters into a fitness and wellness partnership with The Garland Hotel in N. Hollywood, California.  This charming hotel sits on 7 acres of land in N. Hollywood and is centrally located to Dodgers Stadium, Universal Studios, Beverly Hills and Sunset Blvd.  The Garland is currently redesigning and renovating their hotel to give it a fresh, authentic look.

新2皇冠足球下载完整版 Fitness will be providing on-site yoga and Tai-Chi classes to their guests, on demand personal training, as well as employee Zumba classes.  The Garland will also be opening up their fitness center once a week on Thursday mornings at 7am to offer free personal training and assistance from a 新2皇冠足球下载完整版 Fitness certified trainer.

The weekend yoga and Tai Chi classes are also available to the local community.

For more information please visit: www.thebeverlygarland.com

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